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Pricing & Services

The Kitchen CEO Founder Sage


User billed in one installment at the price above. See below for monthly payment plan information.
Price includes the following:

Two (2) Micro-Advising Sessions

Two (2) hour-long strategy sessions with a seasoned CPG executive to discuss short and long-term business planning.  

Establishing Market Desirability

A self-paced course that reveals the key steps in establishing market desirability through consumer validation and category demand indicators.

Integrated Planning

An informative simulation showing CPG founders how to align sales forecasts with production planning and budgeting.

Readiness Audit + Q&A Session

A comprehensive audit of your current business plan / go-to-market strategy to identify key gaps and opportunities.  Inclusive of one (1) hour-long Q&A session to discuss findings.

Product-Promotion Continuity

A tutorial that demonstrates how to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and maintain continuity with communications and promotions.

Strategic Distribtution

An informative tutorial that teaches founders how to structure distribution by optimizing operations efficiencies. 


Payment Options

Monthly payment options are available via PayPal or through our program installment plan

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