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About Savvy Food Consulting

Comprehensive business support for food CPG brands (domestic & import), import commodities (raw ingredients), and advisor to pre-launch and early-stage CPG founders.  Savvy Food Consulting specializes in commercialization, compliance, branding, communications, and management consulting.


Here's a sample of some of our previous clients and retail partners

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Q: We're small, and by small I mean we don't have anything other than a recipe.  Do you have a solution suited for me?

A: Absolutely!  Our new program, The Kitchen CEO, is designed to prepare the founders of pre-launch and early-stage food CPGs for a successful market entry and beyond.

Q: Is Savvy a broker or distributor?

A: Although Savvy has vast experience working in tandem with them, we are not a food brokerage or distribution company. We do, however, offer sales and marketing representation for import brands only, through country/market management.

Q: Would you consider equity in exchange for service?

A: We are open to cash plus equity arrangements, however, this is evaluated on a case by case basis and acceptance is not guaranteed. 

Q: Is Crystal Black-Davis available to conduct a seminar for my organization?

A: Yes, based on availability, Crystal is available to conduct seminars and workshops as well as speak on panels and workshops on topics related to the food industry. For additional information, click here.

Q: Do you offer free consultations?

A: Yes, for prospective Savvy Food Consulting clients only, however, not for The Kitchen CEO founders at this time. If you’d like to schedule a free needs assessment, please click HERE.

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